Langhe: Art contemporary and up cycled old things

034My friend Ann is too modest, the truth is what she creates is art by recycling old things. in fact she did not want the title that I suggested but I will use it all the same.  This lady has an extraordinary strength ( also physically), she has even built dry stone walls at her house and has created a splendid garden.She uses her creative vision to transform things and materials, that  other people have judged  as useless, into artistic objects.


An english woman in Le langhe


Originally from the UK, in 2003 I began living permanently in Le Langhe. This has bought many new life experiences and has somehow released a creativity inside of me that must have been hidden away for years.

After first taking on the task of renovating our ruin ( in pre internet days) , I then turned to creating an anglicised Italian garden and finally my interests have now turned to an even more creative adventure.

In this throwaway society we live in today I have never been able to relate to the sheer waste of things. So when I saw so many abandoned houses here in Le Langhe with ; broken windows , shutters barely hanging , abandoned rusty farming equipment , relics of the past left for the mice to chew or wooden things just cast aside to be burnt, my mind started to think.

Many of these things from the past were skilfully hand crafted by someone with time and patience. They were made of good materials that have withstood the test of time as they were made to last or indeed to be mended.

The weathering by the passing of the years has, in my eyes, made them more beautiful. But if they were mended they would be of no use in their original form in today’s society.


My passion is therefore to give new life back to these pieces of rotting wood or rusty metal by transforming them with creativity and imagination into a contemporary, useable, unique object. It might be a simple candle holder made from a pair of rusty hooks or a photo frame from door hinges but it could be something bigger like a table or cupboard made from old doors, windows and shutters. It could even be a piece of art for a wall or the garden

P1020525-2Ceiling light made from a piece of a wooden cart and bed springs

Plate holder made from a wooden rake

Towel rail made from a bed warmer

Candle holder made from rusty bullhook

Since 2014 I have opened a display of my ideas in the Museo del Riciclo ( Recycle museum) in the small town hall of Camo near Santo Stefano Belbo.

It is open every morning but I would gladly show you around if you ring me in advance. Plus I have numerous larger pieces at home and a few exhibits in the restaurant Verderame in Castiglione Tinella

Ann Stefani

100-1Contact: call number + 39 3202698492

LANGHE: rediscovery the five senses
In Le Langhe one is able to rediscover the 5 senses by taking in the vineyards and breathtaking views.


My young friend Gabriella is a special person who hates unnecessary words.  When I explain a concept I use 20 words whilst she would use less than 15 ..she expresses emotion and feelings with her eyes.
I helped her transform her love of our area  into a profession as a Nature guide, an activity that requires authentic and detailed knowledge of the area, plus competence and passion; qualities that not everyone has .
Many people know le Langhe for wine and food which requires the two senses of smell and taste.  During the walks with Gabriella all 5 senses can be stimulated , thus rediscovering forgotten or nearly forgotten experiences in our hectic daily lives.


IMG_1665-1I was born in the Langhe region of Piemonte Italy
I have a passion for my homeland and nature.
Ever since I was young, nature gave me a feeling of Joy.
Today, more than ever, it balances my emotions so reducing the tensions of daily life.
I like to walk in the woods and along country paths, rediscovering my five senses through the scents of the plants and wild herbs around me. For this reason, in 2014, I qualified as a Nature Guide so that I can share these intense emotions I feel with nature.The excursions and the walks that I propose are tailor made to the needs of the participants , leaving enough time to enjoy the surronding environment for a real multi sensorial experience with nature.

With this approach my proposed walks are as follows:IMG_1669-1

  • The Moscato Trail
  • The little saint Elena Chapel walk
  • Tha Langa woods
  • Vineyards and rocks
  • Around Alba
  • The holy stairs at Cossano Belbo
  • The roads of water and wine
  • Circular tour Sinio and Serralunga d’Alba

Nature Guide

mob. +39  334 1908968

Monferrato wines
I present a beautiful-young-old company that produces excellent wines in the nearby Monferrato, knowledge comes from my great love for the Barbera d’Asti and initial encounter with Claudio exciting. Guests were from them for a tour and tasting were happy for both the rich tasting and for the warm welcome and again for the great expertise of Claudio.
Duilio Da Casto Winery

Our winery is a small family business that has been passed down for five generations. 

Our 7 hectares of vineyards are located in an area close to Agliano Terme. This area has  been identified as one of the most suitable terroir for the production of the Barbera grape.

Duilio My father takes care of the vineyards, the true heart of our winery, with the invaluable help of my mother Gabriella and my uncle Felice.

I have completed studies in Viticulture and Enology and now do my best to make and develop our wines.

The simplicity and the constant search for quality are the philosophy of our company, which produces wine that respect the land as well as the plants. Throughout the process we are inspired by the values that have been handed down by our ancestors. 

Claudio Dacasto


  • Monferrato Bianco Arneis “Vianus”
  • Vino Rosato “Vianus Rosè”
  • Piemonte Chardonnay “Bourg”
  • Barbera d’Asti
  • Barbera d’Asti Superiore “Camp Riond”
  • Monferrato Rosso “Forestiero”
  • Vino Spumante Metodo Classico Brut “Quattro”

Cellar, Vineyards and Tasting room – Fraz. Vianoce n.26, 14041 Agliano Terme

Vineyards and Tasting room – Fraz. Salere n.57, 14041 Agliano Terme

Tel. +393339828612

Between April and October every day from 5 to 7 pm , the rest of the year only with booking

It’s always well-accetped small notification before the tasting

Booking of the Tasting and tour of the winery: +393339828612 

Languages we speak

Italian, English, French



Welcome to our blog!

I have decided to start up a quick and informal way to communicate with those of you who visit our website. I’ll be telling you about some of the things we do around here and the events that are hosted. I’ll share important facts about the area with you and write about those things that fascinate me. People we work with will also offer their contributions to this blog: winemakers, dairy farmers, people who produce cured meats, traditional local bakers, naturalistic excursion guides, “tartufau” (truffle hunters) etc….

We all love our region and are passionate about our jobs. We want to share our interests with you and if you come for a visit, we will make sure your holiday will be filled with unique and unforgettable experiences. So, please remember to let us know about everything you would like to do while you are here so we can guarantee that your expectations can be met…There is so much to see and do here and it’s not always easy for me to suggest places to visit or things to do without invading your privacy to some extent.

Our advantages

Quality Certification, helpfulness, courtesy and respect for your privacy and all the support you’ll need to make your dreams come true or …to solve any problems that could come up.

Documentation and maps for tourists.

Organization of wine-related events:

– tours of the areas where wines such as Barbaresco, Barolo, Arneis and Barbera d’Asti are made. Winemakers guide the tours and sample sessions while doing their best to convey their pride and passion;

– how to recognize and experiment with local wines – pairing foods and wines. (Winemakers participate in these events).

Organization of food-related events:

– information about and reservations at local restaurants ranging from family-run businesses to Michelin-starred restaurants…

– tours and sample sessions held at areas where cheese and cured meats are produced,

– tours and sample sessions held at small bakeries where traditional local sweets are made,

– outdoor markets featuring goods by local manufacturers and specialised stores,

– a day of typical seasonal cuisine – from breakfast to the “merenda sinoira” afternoon snack (the local tradition is to have a snack around 5:00 p.m.) that is gradually transformed into supper by virtue of the food served and the hour. The menu is to be chosen with guests and served with the appropriate wines.

Organization of excursions:

– discovering the area from a naturalistic point of view in the company of an expert guide. Duration of the tours ranges from two hours to the whole day. To be decided prior to the excursion. Particular focus upon the local flora and sensory experiences:

– tour of the castles in the Langhe-Roero region,

– tour of medieval villages nestled in the hilltops,

– Torino, Asti, Bra, Pollenzo – old town centres and museums,

– Venaria Royal Summer Castle and the Pralorrmo Castle.

Go to the page where people share their experiences and read what our guests have to say, especially Craig, Jenny, Gail and Jill

Please feel free to ask any questions. Tell us about your experience, exchange your impressions and share information.



Travel – Jan. 7, 2016

Torino and the landscapes of wines Langhe – Roero – Monferrato are the only Italian goal cited by The New York Times as one of the 52 places to visit in 2016!

New York Time original post

Torino -Italy    Renewal in a former industrial capital.

A reopened Egyptian Museum isn’t the only draw in Turin, where projects like the warehouse district Docks Dora, home to galleries, ateliers and underground clubs; the street art initiative Arte in Barriera; and Lavazza’s new headquarters in Aurora near Porta Palazzo, Europe’s largest open-air market, are softening an industrial face. Fresh exhibition spaces and museums…

Langhe-Roero and Monferrato  jumping-off point for the Unesco world heritage-designated wine regions.

Photo by E. Monticelli