Travellers who visit the Langhe and Roero regions of Piedmont, are almost always attracted to this area due to its the eno-gastronomic traditions (great wines, truffles, famous recipes and incomparable flavours) however, they are surprised to find the breath taking views across whole territories that have been untouched by time …

Some extra suggestions to add to this well-deserved reputation are:

The Romantic Roads of Langhe and Roero

These represent an emotional journey in the area of Langa and Roero, where one can experience many beautiful landscapes and literary itineraries from the past and present.

The route includes:
Vezza d’Alba, Magliano Alfieri, Neive, Treiso, Trezzo Tinella, Benevello, Sinio, Cissone, Murazzano, Mombarcaro and Camerana; consisting of 11 stages, 30 excursions, 130km of scenic roads and 300 literary stops.

The whole journey or selected sections can be visited either by car or on foot, stopping in scenic spots or in the woods, in the literary in the company of Beppe Fenoglio, Cesare Pavese or even David Lajolo …

Trails, flora, sensory experiences

A preliminary meeting with a naturalist guide will identify the specific characteristics of “your path” (from the time you want to dedicate to your walk, to the selection of suitable clothing). He will also help plan the route, the stops and identify the sensory experiences that are specific to the route and season.
The identification of different plant species and their characteristics will form a significant part of the experience, and, with a little luck, you may even see some local wildlife including deer, squirrels and foxes…