Montelupo is a small idyllic Langhe village of only a little more than 500 inhabitants. It is perched on a hill and from the main square one has always been able to admire the magnificent views both day and night and taste the good cuisine of the area. Whilst today visitors are also attracted to the place due to fairytale images radiating from the walls of the village.

The tale of the wolf

Montelupo derives its name from a legend that declares that the place was once inhabited by wolves. The tale is displayed along the walls of the provincial road leading to the Piazza Castello. The story telling is constantly evolving and every year at least one new tale is added. Up until today 13 italian artists have drawn tales on the walls of the houses

The titles:
La pecora Chiaretta (the sheep Chiaretta), Il principe Ivan e l’uccello di fuoco (prince Ivan and the firebird), Il lupo fifone (the wimp wolf), Il lupo e i 7 capretti (the wolf and the 7 kids), Terzo porcellino (the third little pig), Il lupo e la cicogna (the wolf and the stork), Il lupo e il cane (the wolf and the dog), Il lupo di Gubbio (the Gubbio wolf), Comare la volpe e compare il lupo(the fox and the wolf), Cappuccetto rosso ( the little red riding hood), Il leone, il lupo e la volpe (the lion,the wolf and the fox), I love Montlov, Lupi e cerbiatti (wolves and fawns).

The artists:
Lo Forte, Mora, Carbone, Schiavone, Passalacqua, Benedicenti, Negro, Ghisolfi, Cauda, young people of Montelupo, young people of Rodello.

Initiated by the Società solidale Associazione di volontariato “Montelupesi”.


Municipio di Montelupo Albese  +39  0173/617117