The recognition of this area by UNESCO confirms the extraordinary nature of this wine territory of about 50km. The region is naturally rich in many aspects that differentiate the area, particularly: the cultivation of various wines, landscapes, architecture, gastronomic traditions, culture and religious manifestations.

In what way do we encourage our guests take a look at the Monferrato and Roero region?

A day in the Monferrato:

A visit to a medieval castle, a walk in the vineyards, wine tasting with the producers in two different wineries with particular emphasis on Barbera d’Asti, the wine of the area, followed by a typical lunch in a restaurant.

A day in the Roero:

A guided nature walk along one or more paths of the “Eco-museum of the Rocks”, followed by a delicious snack at a local farm, and a wine tasting with the producer at a winery with particular emphasis on the Arneis grape, typical and specific to the area.

ECO MUSEUM OF THE ROCKS OF ROERO ( Eco-museo delle Roche)

This is a natural open-air museum of consisting of eight communities which was created just after 1000bc due to the fault of the “Rocks”. From Cisterna to Pocapaglia, the territory is perched on the ridges of the rocky hills and each has a unique flora due to the dry microclimates that coexist alongside other extremely humid ones.
The Rocks are a geological phenomenon caused by erosion that characterises the centre of the Roero region creating ravines that plunge hundreds of meters. 

These days can also be arranged with different itineraries depending on the interests of the participants. For example, you can add a visit to a town in the territory of reference or participate in a particular seasonal event or visit a museum.