Langhe: Art contemporary and up cycled old things

034My friend Ann is too modest, the truth is what she creates is art by recycling old things. in fact she did not want the title that I suggested but I will use it all the same.  This lady has an extraordinary strength ( also physically), she has even built dry stone walls at her house and has created a splendid garden.She uses her creative vision to transform things and materials, that  other people have judged  as useless, into artistic objects.


An english woman in Le langhe


Originally from the UK, in 2003 I began living permanently in Le Langhe. This has bought many new life experiences and has somehow released a creativity inside of me that must have been hidden away for years.

After first taking on the task of renovating our ruin ( in pre internet days) , I then turned to creating an anglicised Italian garden and finally my interests have now turned to an even more creative adventure.

In this throwaway society we live in today I have never been able to relate to the sheer waste of things. So when I saw so many abandoned houses here in Le Langhe with ; broken windows , shutters barely hanging , abandoned rusty farming equipment , relics of the past left for the mice to chew or wooden things just cast aside to be burnt, my mind started to think.

Many of these things from the past were skilfully hand crafted by someone with time and patience. They were made of good materials that have withstood the test of time as they were made to last or indeed to be mended.

The weathering by the passing of the years has, in my eyes, made them more beautiful. But if they were mended they would be of no use in their original form in today’s society.


My passion is therefore to give new life back to these pieces of rotting wood or rusty metal by transforming them with creativity and imagination into a contemporary, useable, unique object. It might be a simple candle holder made from a pair of rusty hooks or a photo frame from door hinges but it could be something bigger like a table or cupboard made from old doors, windows and shutters. It could even be a piece of art for a wall or the garden

P1020525-2Ceiling light made from a piece of a wooden cart and bed springs

Plate holder made from a wooden rake

Towel rail made from a bed warmer

Candle holder made from rusty bullhook

Since 2014 I have opened a display of my ideas in the Museo del Riciclo ( Recycle museum) in the small town hall of Camo near Santo Stefano Belbo.

It is open every morning but I would gladly show you around if you ring me in advance. Plus I have numerous larger pieces at home and a few exhibits in the restaurant Verderame in Castiglione Tinella

Ann Stefani

100-1Contact: call number + 39 3202698492