LANGHE: rediscovery the five senses
In Le Langhe one is able to rediscover the 5 senses by taking in the vineyards and breathtaking views.


My young friend Gabriella is a special person who hates unnecessary words.  When I explain a concept I use 20 words whilst she would use less than 15 ..she expresses emotion and feelings with her eyes.
I helped her transform her love of our area  into a profession as a Nature guide, an activity that requires authentic and detailed knowledge of the area, plus competence and passion; qualities that not everyone has .
Many people know le Langhe for wine and food which requires the two senses of smell and taste.  During the walks with Gabriella all 5 senses can be stimulated , thus rediscovering forgotten or nearly forgotten experiences in our hectic daily lives.


IMG_1665-1I was born in the Langhe region of Piemonte Italy
I have a passion for my homeland and nature.
Ever since I was young, nature gave me a feeling of Joy.
Today, more than ever, it balances my emotions so reducing the tensions of daily life.
I like to walk in the woods and along country paths, rediscovering my five senses through the scents of the plants and wild herbs around me. For this reason, in 2014, I qualified as a Nature Guide so that I can share these intense emotions I feel with nature.The excursions and the walks that I propose are tailor made to the needs of the participants , leaving enough time to enjoy the surronding environment for a real multi sensorial experience with nature.

With this approach my proposed walks are as follows:IMG_1669-1

  • The Moscato Trail
  • The little saint Elena Chapel walk
  • Tha Langa woods
  • Vineyards and rocks
  • Around Alba
  • The holy stairs at Cossano Belbo
  • The roads of water and wine
  • Circular tour Sinio and Serralunga d’Alba

Nature Guide

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